Licensing & services

Responsible for commercial support, including proprietary licenses for closed source applications, rebranding services (white label), customisations and technical assistance services.

We firmly believe in the open source development model, and all our products are open source. However, we understand that under some circumstances, some customers may prefer to develop closed source applications, and we also provide proprietary licenses.

All our software is dual-licensed, and can be distributed under a GPL license for free (open source) or under a proprietary license for a fee (closed source).

Open Source

The open source model guarantees freedom for customers who have full rights to modify and maintain the solutions they have bought.

This leads to better quality software, as the source code can be reviewed by thousands of anonymous experts around the world.

Using an open source model also reduces development costs by allowing our software to be based on other third-party open source components and libraries.


Our client software products are distributed under a GPLv3 license.

In order to distribute a GPLv3 software, with or without alteration, modifications, extensions or integration with third parties, the entire source code of the resulting product integrating the software needs to be made available to end users that receive this product.

Affero GPL

Diosip server is distributed under an Affero GPLv3 license.

Affero GPLv3 requires the operator of a network service to make available the entire source code of the server software providing the service to the customers or end users of this service.


For closed source applications, we provide proprietary licenses based on the number of platforms/operating systems, and on the number of units. After purchasing a license, you can keep the source code completely closed and proprietary.

Licensing terms and conditions:

– Source code included, free modifications allowed
– One-time fee
– Six months’ support included


Our company specialises in providing development assistance, commercial support and custom software development for and around the Diomerc software stack.

Who could provide better Diomerc-related services than the people who created it?

Annual support

We offer annual support agreements that can be bought together with a proprietary license or separately for customers who prefer an open source license.
Our support services include both fixing of defects and the right to integrate updates in closed source mode.

Purchasing a support service is of course not mandatory, but it is highly recommended in order to ensure that your app will stay compliant with the new versions of the OS.

Technical assistance

For all kinds of assistance requests, we recommend our development assistance service. Our team will dedicate the necessary time to helping you with any issues that arise.

Our engineers can directly answer any question regarding our source code and provide technical advice on how to implement new features or overcome any issues you may be facing.

Custom developments

Based on your technical specifications, we will assess the development effort required and provide you with an official quote for the work to be performed.

Many of the developments that we carry out as part of the Diomerc project are financed by our customers, and this is a cornerstone of our development model.


We offer a re-branding service for Diomerc that can include:
– Replacement for the title, logo and icons
– An add-on for a login view, allowing the user to enter only a username and password
– Predefined settings that work with your SIP network and interoperability testing
– Submission to the Apple Store/Google Play Store

This service is available for iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, macOS and GNU/Linux.

Diosip installation and configuration

We offer an installation service for Diosip servers that includes configuration and interoperability testing. This service can be performed for a single instance, in high availability mode (two instances) or in cluster mode (several instances).

We also provide this installation service for the Diosip Push Gateway operation mode, for customers who want to keep their existing SIP infrastructure that does not support push notifications.